Monday, September 3, 2012

Useful Tutoring Resources

I was searching for material related to a writing textbook called Evergreen and stumbled across this instead.  It’s the Evergreen College Writing Center's resource page.  This particular section of it includes quite a few useful tutoring handouts.

This section of the Dartmouth Writing Program website deals with how to assist ESL writers from the perspective of understanding contrastive rhetoric.  

I think most of us have included the Owl sites.  (Sorry for being unoriginal.)  This section is for ESL instructors and tutors.  

This is the Owl Purdue “Writing Tutors” page.

You can download a variety of English and ESL course materials here.  

This site can be handy if you need a quick and easy-to-find grammar lesson.  (Type some keywords into the search box and other people’s lesson plans come up.)  It’s mostly geared toward ESL students who can grasp some grammatical metalanguage. There are some good ESL news lessons as well if you ever for any reason need one of those.  

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