Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Strategies that are useful for me when working on grammar with tutees

Search for patterns of errors in each paper.  Choose which structures to focus on accordingly.
Promote and teach awareness raising strategies.  

When the tutee reads to self-correct, have her focus on one type of error at a time.  

Use examples from the students paper to present grammar inductively, if necessary.

Consider factors which might make grammatical terminology useful or useless to the tutee.

Provide opportunities for controlled and free grammar practice when appropriate. 

Find resources that are available and useful.  Search for a variety of them. 

Resist the urge to provide too much direct feedback, if indirect feedback would be more useful to the student. 

Differentiate between global versus local errors and errors versus mistakes.  

Use read aloud strategies when appropriate, but understand when reading aloud might hinder rather than help the student.  

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