Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Tutoring Experience

Most of my teaching and tutoring experience has taken place through private language schools in Europe and Southern California.  I spent two years in Prague teaching small group and one-to-one EFL lessons.  Most of my students were adults (working in business settings) but a few were in high school or what they referred to as post secondary (pre-college, intensive English training) situations.  My students in Southern California were from countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Vietnam, Korea, China, Brazil, Panama, France, Poland etc. etc.  Some were young adults hoping to attend universities in the US but their reasons for studying English and being in California were pretty varied.  Last semester I tutored two students in the CMS program at SF State and the focus of our tutoring sessions was mostly grammar.  I feel pretty comfortable working with ESL students, but my experience with Generation 1.5 and native English speakers in university settings is more limited.  I find that I learn a lot about teaching from each tutoring situation I'm thrown into, and I'm looking forward to meeting the tutees I'll work with for English 704.
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